… and Leah Thaxton, Faber Publisher



BY NIGHT, I AM KATIE BLACKBURN … author of  Where the Wild Mums Areand various children’s books, including Dozy Bear and the Secret of Sleep. But Katie Blackburn is a pen name. By day – I am better known as Leah Thaxton, Publisher at Faber & Faber.


Where the Wild Mums Are is the first book I had published, and has sold over 100k copies. Whoop! It is a homage to Maurice Sendak and a celebration of the wonder of mums – especially those who are up to their ears. Here’s a window display in New Zealand…





But weary dads needn’t feel left out: there’s a follow-up, Where the Wild Dads Went featuring a sports bar, much beer and some swinging from the rafters. Here it is, in a juicy Father’s Day round up…




Then there’s ‘Twas the Nightcap Before Christmas inspired by the mayhem of a typical family Christmas. (With a wistful shot of magical mystery in the form of Father Christmas.) All three books are illustrated by comic mastermind Sholto Walker.




And for children …





Dozy Bear and the Secret of Sleep  was written while lying on my son’s bedroom floor, and out of utter desperation! It is a sleep aid disguised as a story, and has been endorsed by Channel 4’s Three Day Nanny, ‘The first book I’ve read that teaches children how to fall asleep’. There’s also Dozy Bear and the Secret of Food (a toolkit to make toddler mealtimes less stressful). Both Dozys are illustrated by the supremely talented collage artist Richard Smythe.




Last but not least, a toot toot for Scoot, the eye-popping tribute to scooter power, illustrated by the genius that is Jim Smith (author/ illustrator of the fabulous Barry Loser stories).





So those are my books… Despite having worked in publishing for so many years, it was such a thrill to become an Author and go through the process myself: the kick of finding my scrawls type-set, the buzz of seeing my characters drawn on a page, the frisson of spying my books in store, and sometimes in a pile (!), that first practically indecipherable royalty statement, the brilliant news of a reprint… There’s nothing like it.


You can find me on twitter (Leah Thaxton)  and instagram (Leahthaxton1)  – do get in touch and say hi! (Or ask your agent to send in your manuscript to the esteemed book publisher Faber & Faber!)