About me

Hello! I am the author of gift books, like Where the Wild Mums Areand various children’s story books, including Dozy Bear and the Secret of Sleep. I live in London and am pretty new to being a published author.

Katie Blackburn is a pen name …. In my day job I am better known as Leah Thaxton, Children’s Publisher at Faber & Faber.

So here’s a round-up of my books! Available in the best of bookshops, and even online if you’re that way inclined.

Wild Mums get down under! South Island, New Zealand window

Where the Wild Mums Are is the first book I had published – and has just hit 100k sales! It was written as a homage to Maurice Sendak and is a celebration of the wonder of mums, especially the ones who had a crazy past. So find out how, after a tough day at the toddler coalface, Mum escapes on the holiday of her dreams … but still decides home is worth coming back to. Meanwhile, Dads needn’t feel left out: there’s a follow up, Where the Wild Dads Went – spoiler alert, there may be a sports bar featured.

The latest, to complete the set, is called ‘Twas the Nightcap Before Christmas and sees Mum and Dad gearing up for the big day, with a mountain of present wrapping. One sherry leads to another and so ensues …. hic, total mayhem. All three of these books are illustrated by comic mastermind Sholto Walker.

Dozy Bear and the Secret of Sleep is the first children’s book I wrote, composed while lying on my son’s bedroom floor – willing him to fall asleep. It is a sleep aid for children that really workzzzzzzz). Then there’s Dozy Bear and the Secret of Food (a toolkit to make mealtimes with a toddler less stressful) Both books are beautifully illustrated by Richard Smythe. Last but not least, let’s have a toot toot for Scoot, a homage to scooter power, illustrated by the genius that is Jim Smith.

You can find me on twitter (as both Katie Blackburn and Leah Thaxton)  – do get in touch and say hi!